Module development in the Cloud, 2024.6

Checklist for module development


Java 17 is used as target level

The FSM Dependency Detector does not show any usage of non-API classes


Checking for newer version (e.g. Guava, Gson, commons-io, ...)

Checking for vulnerabilities (e.g. on https://cve.mitre.org)

Do not include large libraries that can easily be replaced


README documentation has been added

A reasonable amount of JavaDoc is present for most classes

Code style

Static code analysis detects duplicate code, unused imports, slow String concatenation, inconsistent resource bundles, and other issues

Logging is performed with SLF4J or FirstSpirit-Logger

No unnecessary debug logging

Do not log credentials

Default module / feature requirements

Module/Component name follows naming convention

Web resources are using unique instead of common names (e.g. web/index.js) to prevent them from being overwritten by other components

Usage test

Test plan exists