Template Dev in ContentCreator, 2024.6-Beta

Installation and configuration – Template Development for ContentCreator



The CXT-Platform is needed for the Template Development MicroApp to function. An installation guide can be found here.

Installing the "Template Development MicroApp" module

You only need to manually install the "Template Development MicroApp" module if you run a local FirstSpirit server.
Only FirstSpirit server administrators can install modules.
More about module installation.

ServerManager > Server > Properties > Modules

  • Install the "Template Development MicroApp" module (the .fsm file is provided by Customer Support).

Configuring the global web application

ServerManager > Server > Properties > Web applications

The Template Development MicroApp needs to be installed as a Global Web Application in the FirstSpirit Server. More about web applications
It is recommended to use the following values:

  • Id: fs-sitedev-microapp
  • Name: fs-sitedev-microapp
  • Web Context: /fs-sitedev-microapp

Adding the Web Component to the ContentCreator WebApp

The "Template Development" web component needs to be added to the global or project-local ContentCreator WebApp. More on web components.

The ContentCreator web app will then need to be rolled out again.


MicroApps can be configurerd to be visible to only certain user groups or disabled completely.

The Template Development MicroApp is disabled by default and needs to be enabled first. This can be done via the MicroApp Management page of the CXT-Platform, which can be access by administrators like this:


Here the Template Development MicroApp can be activated for specific user groups.