Reference Architectures, 1.0.0

Connect for Commerce

This document assumes familiarty with headless content delivery.

Product description

Connect for Commerce is a connector that extends the powerful and flexible Crownpeak CMS (FirstSpirit) with e-commerce functionalities.

Connect for Commerce enables the connection to any e-commerce shop system and, in combination with FirstSpirit, offers a modern, scalable, and future-proof e-commerce experience. It offers the possibility to integrate content created in FirstSpirit into both headless and static systems on the commerce side.

The following describes key features that are identical to both the headless and static commerce scenario. For more specific information on the respective use cases, including high level architectures and system components, refer to headless commerce and static commerce.

Key features

Headless content

The frontend layer is decoupled from the backend functionality which provides greater flexibility in delivering dynamic content across diverse touchpoints when used in conjunction with FirstSpirit and the Connect for Commerce connector.


Connect for Commerce uses independent microservices that make it easy to improve and upgrade different parts of the ecosystem without affecting other parts.

Modularity and customization

Components can be added, replaced, or removed at any time to tailor the e-commerce experience to align with your current business strategy.

API first

The architecture is designed to place APIs at the core of the technology landscape to provide the ability to easily connect components or third-party systems.


Connect for Commerce uses a shop-agnostic approach to effortlessly connect to any e-commerce shop system, removing the limitations of platform dependencies. This leads to a faster time-to-market experience and the flexibility to adapt to new market trends at any time.